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Our objective is to prevent future failure of pipelines by using inspection methods and techniques, and the application of data science. With the aid of these tools pipeline owners are able to verify maintenance strategies and detect possible failure mechanisms. The application of data science creates a leverage effect whereby our customers increase the control over their assets.

Asset owners are facing a future with an increase of NRW (Non Revenue Water) and a higher leakage rate. The remaining technical lifespan is in general unclear and it is hard to prioritize maintenance. This causes an increased risk level. In order to solve this problem, Acquaint can provide a new level of risk control by means of collected degradation rates through inspection, data science and a consistent asset management approach.

By equipping your employees with our field equipment you will be able to collect data at every opportunity, resulting in an higher employee engagement, fun at work, whilst contributing to an increase in the reliability of your assets. Together with you Acquaint strives for 100% predictability.

In-Line pipeline inspection ensures that every inch of the pipe is examined. By using different techniques and sensors we are able to provide insight into leaks, pipeline location and possible failure modes. The applied techniques are scientifically validated.

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