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Anticimex is an international service company, founded in 1934 in Sweden. Through prevention, working with new technologies and sustainable solutions, we meet the requirements for healthy living environments and can call ourselves ‘Leading in Smart Pest Control’.

Anticimex Smart is a digital, intelligent system that monitors and protects your environment from pests 24/7. By continuously providing protection and immediately taking action, we prevent nuisance in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, we still offer our other services. The best of both worlds: digital automation and professional expertise.

The Smart Pipe is specially designed to control rat problems in the sewer system. The system detects and captures the pest at the source, which then washes away with the wastewater. Once the sensors detect movement combined with heat, the trap is activated and immediately disables the rat. The trap automatically resets and is ready for use again. The rat washes away with the wastewater. No poison or bait is used and the method does not affect the sewage flow in the sewer.

We will be happy to tell you all about The Smart Pipe there, see you then!

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