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Since its beginnings over 80 years ago, Bernard Controls
has earned its leading position within the top 3 players
in the electric actuation market step by step. This success
is primarily due to our commitment to productivity, innovation,
quality and safety. We have respected these commitments
without compromise in an increasingly demanding industrial
Over the last decade, Bernard Controls has increased
the rhythm of its innovations to make it an exemplary group,
a group that has maintained and nurtured both the quality
of its relationships and its eminent technological reputation.
Our vision is that innovation arises from the ability to adapt,
either to market evolutions or to customers’ needs & requirements.
New technologies, product ranges, product labels, services…
these are all the result of years of customer relationships
and customer-oriented innovation.
Reliability, availability and responsiveness are the key patterns
that turn sales contacts into close trusting relationships.
Bernard Controls’ global Group organization aims at building
up this kind of relationships, to offer the appropriate solutions
and support clients at every stage of their projects, everywhere
on the globe.
There can be no compromise between high technology
and high customer satisfaction. Solutions emerge from
this clever combination.
That is the global philosophy behind our mission
statement: Invest in Confidence

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