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Level measurement from elobau

Precise and reliable level detection is essential in a wide range of industrial and mobile applications. elobau’s range of products for continuous level measurement, level detection or removal & dosing with integrated level measurement can provide the ideal solution for your individual requirements.

Precise, reliable and cost-​effective solutions.
Are you looking for a particularly cost-​effective solution for level measurement that meets your application requirements?  The elobau product range offers a large selection of standard products that can be used in various applications.

Product highlights:
– Various application possibilities with use of simple, tried and test operating principles
– Long service life and ideal for adverse operating conditions
– Wide variety of electrical connections, process connections and materials
– Float switch can be configured to your specific requirements
– Pipe lengths up to 2m
– Analogue and digital interfaces
– Industry 4.0 ready – IO-Link
– Temperature range -40°C – +180°C
– Protection class up to IP69K

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