Feralco Nederland B.V.

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Feralco Netherlands is a producer of high-quality aluminum salts:
– Aluminiumsulfate
– Aluminiumchloride
– PAC polyaluminium chloride
– AQUALENC high basicity polyaluminium chloride
– FerraPAC iron / polyaluminum blends
– FerraCLAR iron / aluminum chloride blends

Also available in our product range:
– Magtreat S magnesium hydroxide slurry
– Iron and aluminum nitrate
– Ferafloc range of flocculants

Our products are used in various applications:
– Drinking water production
– Waste water treatment
– Phosphorous removal
– Struvite precipitation
– Flake formation / improvement
– Light sludge control
– Paper production
– Flue gas cleaning (desulfurization)
– pH correction of (waste) water
– Food & pharma applications
– Various industrial applications

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