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Flottweg Netherlands is a specialist in separation technology and offers all the knowledge and means to separate large quantities of liquids and solids in industrial processes, such as water treatment plants in companies or municipalities.

Specifically for water treatment plants, Flottweg has developed two special Decanter centrifuges, the C series and recently the new X series.

The centrifuge separates the liquid and the solid, thereby minimizing the transport of water and other liquids to the landfill. This saves you high transport costs and reduces your CO2 emissions.

To work even more flexibly and at lower costs, we recently added the line of mobile units, which can be used per project for short or longer periods of time.



Teamleader administration en sales support

We at Flottweg Netherlands are in the midst of “growth and transition” to a greener world.

That is why we are looking for “you” to succeed our almost retired all-rounder.

Our product range concentrates around machines and services around separation technology for industrial markets such as food, chemicals, water treatment etc.

Are you the Team Leader Administration and Sales Support who will help us with innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers? Then read on!

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Project Sales Engineer

Which Project Sales Engineer will help us in our “Growth and Transition” to a greener world through innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers.

Our product range concentrates in process technology for industrial markets such as food, chemical, water treatment etc.

Look here for the full job posting!

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