About us

Genap BV is the leading specialist in the area of membrane structures and membrane applications in horticulture and agriculture and for civil engineering projects. The history of the firm goes back to 1951, when the entrepreneurial couple Mr & Mrs Groenveld in Westzaan turned their vision into concrete plans. Genap’s production site and home base is now in ’s Heerenberg (the Netherlands), where the company employs some 90 people, and it also has locations in Kenya and India.

Our mission:
“Genap contributes to a better life by making sustainable solutions for storing water (including drinking water) and manure available globally. Based on geosynthetic materials, we offer innovative alternatives that have a positive impact on our living environment. By delivering performance day in, day out based on commitment
and passion, we make a decisive difference to our customers with our
waterproof solutions.”

Every day, our certified engineers work on solutions for holding back, storing, covering and retaining various liquids, solids and gases all over the world. From the design to the execution of the solution, we do everything in house and are able to guarantee the highest quality. It is no coincidence that over recent decades, Genap has grown to become Europe’s leading company in processing and applying synthetic membranes.

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