Gouda Holland b.v.
Gouda Holland b.v.

Gouda Holland b.v.

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Gouda Holland is a Dutch manufacturer of cable management systems founded in 1929. Since 2013 Gouda Holland is a member of the Niedax group, a global player in the world of cable management systems.

Years of experience and effective reacting to the ever changing demands of this industry have led to a wide range of readily available industrial cable management systems each suitable for its own specific area of application.

The systems of Gouda Holland are applied in the widest variety of industries, such as the Water Industry, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy & Infra, Marine & Offshore, Petro- & Chemical industry, Data & Telecom and Food & Beverage industry.

Gouda Holland is able to provide solutions for specific requirements, especially because the company produces its own standard range
of cable ducts in hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and glass reinforced polyester.

The Crafty, Crafty MF and Lock systems are particularly popular due to their high span capacity.

Other systems also regularly used in the industries are Tray, Resist, Unic, Streamline, Marine Ladder, Conduit and Poly.

Gouda Holland, and assembly team, is VCA-P and ISO:9001 certified.

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