HMS Networks Benelux

HMS Networks Benelux

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HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software and that has been the playing field of our organization since 1988. As a producer and supplier of high-end industrial data communication solutions, interfaces and gateways, we are active worldwide with more than 10 million HMS devices installed.

HMS helps water and wastewater companies as an independent connectivity partner to take strategic steps towards IoT and digitization, for example by:
– Set up (wireless) network connection between critical installations
– The ability to remotely manage pumping and treatment systems
– Access data from water installations to the cloud

Connecting water installations to the internet and to each other brings several advantages, such as:

– Maintenance personnel can easily update and troubleshoot remotely
– All installations in one central overview and real-time insight into the status
– Alarm notifications and alarm handling based on predefined tags




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