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Hydrochemie Conhag BV in Berkel & Rodenrijs, short Hycon, is engaged in storage and dispensing systems for watertreatment, wastewatertreatment plants, cooling towers, drinking waterplants and swimming pools.
The installations of the more than 60 existing company can be found in many companies with very different systems include disinfection / oxidation liquids for swimmingpool. The most common being sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid, metal salts and polymers. Obviously the conditions applicable regulations regarding safety are adapted to the times.
Hycon has KIWA BRL-K 903/08 certificate for installing chemical storage and dosing.
Some of delivery of hycon:
Belt thickners, Belt presses, Screw Press, dosing pumps, transfer pumps, polymer production units, dosing cabins, saltelectrolyse systems, pH / free chlorine readings.
For the design and the assembly of the control panels and including piping has hycon all in-house

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