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Since 1991, Instra has been building interiors in every brand and type of commercial vehicle for every conceivable specialized industry. Entirely according to the wishes of the customer, Instra developed sustainable and resourceful solutions. Thanks to the vision and mission, Instra has grown in recent years to become one of the largest company car organizers in the Benelux.

VebaBox is the worldwide innovator of the cold chain. Our guiding philosophy is the active or passive cooling of the load carrier. This way, we prevent cold chain breaks and make every step in the chain more efficient, more flexible and more sustainable.

One aspect of quality control is the testing of samples: a small amount of the product to be evaluated is transported to a laboratory for testing. Quite a number of vehicles therefore drive back and forth. In order to tie a finding or consequence to the test results, it is essential for the sample to be a good representation of the product or material onsite and under the original conditions. Temperature control is crucial for that: in other words, a cold chain for lab samples.

The vehicles that transport samples can be loaded as efficiently as possible with our active and passive temperature solutions. We reduce the number of transport movements by being able to combine different samples with different temperature requirements in a single vehicle. Because we cool the cargo space, it can be cooled and set to the right temperature in every step of the chain. Lab transport can be optimised with minimal modifications and investment. We offer sustainability and efficiency on a platter.

Time to optimize lab transport in a big way? We will have a conversation with you!

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