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About Kolmer:
Welcome to the dynamic world of Kolmer Electric Motors. A place where we have been designing and producing motors according to your specific requirements for years. Kolmer is always looking for the most effective and efficient solution and never immediately opts for the most obvious one:

In short, your solid partner for flexible power!

As a specialist in customer-specific solutions, we work with the reputable electric motors of Cemp and Cantoni Motor. You can obviously purchase their standard motors if this complies with your situation.

Our wide range of electric motors is supported by a vast stock of models. Besides standard models, we also keep stock of:

-Two speed engines as standard
-Standard brake motors
-Atex Exe engines
-Atex Exd engines (pressure-resistant)

Through our well-equipped workshop we can offer you a wide range of modification options. Some common installation activities in our workshop are:

-Brake motors, whether or not combined with encoders and forced coolers.
-Surface mounted hand operated star-delta switches.
-Special customer-specific motor shafts, also in stainless steel.
-All kinds of paint specifications and colours.

Our approach

As an organisation you are unique and that also applies to your applications. That’s why we consider it no more than logical that your electric motors must meet specific requirements.

In addition to supplying standard electric motors, Kolmer Electric Motors also designs and produces custom-made motors and that, of course, in close consultation with you.

Kolmer excels in customised/custom-made solutions
Supplying customer-specific motors is based on a thorough understanding of the specific current technologies and requires knowledge, skills and experience during the design and development phases. This greatly sums up what our dedicated and experienced team has to offer for a wide variety of applications.

In order to properly streamline your project, your dedicated contact person will discuss a number of important matters with you in advance, such as specifications, delivery times and costs. In this way everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Good dimensioning and construction are essential which is why we can send you a 3D model of our standard motors on request. It will enable you to easily assess whether the motor in question is the right one or whether we need to look for another solution.

Whether you want to equip your motors with a brake, encoder, special shaft, external cooling or even all four; our staff and machinery are ready and waiting! In addition, thanks to the clever organisation of our logistics we will always have a large stock available. In this way we can quickly provide you, our customer, with the right motor.

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