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Kuipers Electronic Engineering BV delivers telemetry solutions for more than 35 years under the brand name TMX. Since then we develop and produce our own substations as well as our own master station software which can be operated on premise or as a cloud solution (TMX-Net Pro).
The TMX tele-control system offers universal hardware and software for remote management of technical installations and is a major player on the market for remote management of surface water and water infrastructure. Other applications include monitoring and management of traffic control systems and industrial installations.
The hardware and software for TMX is developed by our own engineers and manufactured in house. An experienced and talented engineering team ensures that TMX evolves along with the various applications using the latest hardware and software techniques. A wide range of modules is available e.g. for measurements, registration, notification, management, process control, communication, database archiving and visual presentation. All data from the substations is collected in a database in the master station which gives a real time overview of the situation in the controlled area. The master station can be either cloud based (TMX Net Pro) or operated on premise, depending on the client.
TMX offers full end to end solutions for its clients in critical infrastructure and provides numerous services with it. With TMX-Net Pro we host the master station for clients in a tier-3 datacentre (in the Netherlands) with guaranteed uptimes of more than 99,8%.
Furthermore TMX has a Servicedesk for 24/7 service. TMX has comprehensive training programmes to educate our users and keep them up to date.

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