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Macero B.V. is a service company and specialist in sustainable and biological wastewater management. We degrease, deodorize and clean wastewater in a sustainable and biological way. For example, we offer solutions for recurring grease problems and odor nuisance in sewer systems, pumping stations, pump pits and grease traps. We also tackle the degradation of mineral oils in a green way. We do this on the basis of a full-service service, which means that advice, placement, monitoring and replacement are always done by one of our experts. We work on behalf of municipalities, water boards, the business community, the catering industry and the food industry.

Our solutions for cleaner wastewater are in line with the general feeling that we need to be more economical with our living environment. Our green products are 100% biological and thus provide cleaner wastewater in a sustainable way. In this way we hope to be able to make the world greener little by little. Towards a greener, cleaner and more sustainable world!

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