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Metrohm Nederland, headquartered in Barendrecht, The Netherlands has more than 50 years of experience in delivering solutions for laboratory, atline, inline, and online chemical analysis. We are specialized in supplying Process Analyzers under the brand name Metrohm Process Analytics to measure analyte concentrations in various processes and industries. We offer Process Analyzers integrated with these measurement techniques: Titration, ISE standard addition, Voltammetric Analysis, Ion Chromatography, Colorimetry, NIRS and Raman.
As part of the worldwide Metrohm AG group, we have access to a large database of laboratory-based applications and instrument technology that can also be used as a basis for online applications. Translation of lab applications to fit an online process is almost a daily routine for us, as we have knowledge and experience in both fields. Furthermore, the extensive history that we have in sampling and sample preconditioning plays an important role in adapting a lab method to an online process.

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