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microLAN makes the monitoring of water quality and water security as easy as ABC with its online warning systems for algae, bacteria and chemicals: the ALGcontrol (Bluegreen algae), BACTcontrol (E.coli / coliform), STAC2 (BOD/COD/TOC) and iTOXcontrol (toxicity). A wide range range of sensors from Aqualabo (DO, turbidity, conductivity, pH etc) complets the product line.

This is how we CONTROL the monitoring of water quality. Literally and figuratively we bring light to the water quality of our customers: light and fluorescence form the basis of our technology: microbiological Luminescent Analysis Netherlands.
As a Dutch family SME with father, son and grandfather (and a solid technical team) we have become the market leader in microbiological online warning systems.

ALGcontrol, BACTcontrol en TOXcontrol
Be in CONTROL of your water quality.

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