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Munisense – telemetrie waterniveau, waterkwaliteit en weer/neerslag

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Automated Water Management – water level and water quality

Munisense offers real-time water management, that presents the measurements results in an easy understandable manner, instantly and online.

Munisense’ solution offers an easy to deploy end to end system for remote water management. This covers local water level measurement and remote monitoring as well as water quality.

Munisense products and services provide real-time and on-line insight into validated water levels and convenient ways of analysing and reporting. The system can monitor water quality, volumes, and flow as well, in combination with precipitation and evaporation.

Munisense online INSIGHTNOW™ portal provides validated measurement data.

We are happy to assist you in this field. Visit us at our booth or call +31 (0)71-711 4623.

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