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Wastewater treatment specialist
It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to satisfy economic and environmental considerations. Our system has been designed to meet these challenges. We can provide sophisticated ‘in house’ pollution control that can actually save money by reducing down-time and operational costs.
The system consists of environment friendly chemistry and highly developed plants, suitable for virtually any application. Our systems are engineered to provide maximum durability and safety.

We have equipment that will fit anywhere and process large or small volumes
of wastewater. We provide solutions to waste water treatment from many processes.

If you use water based paints, or solvent based paints, if you just have to remove troublesome smells or foam formation, we can cope with all of these, and with a complete safety guarantee from a toxicological, ecological and hygienic point of view. Omnial aims to find the best and most cost effective solution for every waste water situation.

With our extensive knowledge, laboratory facilities, equipment and chemical products we have the complete answer to industrial waste water treatment for companies large or small on a national and international scale.

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