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Powerspex is specialized in solutions for process automation, from feasibility study to software and hardware engineering, electrical panel assembly, commissioning and service. The company has its foundation in the energy sector, like powerplants and developed itself to different markets. Powerspex develops process automation for district heating systems, digestion solutions, waste to energy, chemical industry, but for example also dredging industry.
The company possesses overall expertise of the processes, the installations itself and the assets which results in added value in terms of advice and consultation on the mechanical and process aspects of the projects.
The activities are enriched by possibilities on simulation and ATEX consultancy, an own workshop and installation and commissioning on site. Powerspex is diverse and specialized at the same time. During this show we launch Powerbrix. Innovative process simulations specifically developed for the markets water, district heating and waste- en sludge incineration. For more info see our product discriptions.

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