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Ambitious, distinctive, and above all, customer-driven. These are the values that Staka has been pursuing in fulfilling the needs of its customers for high-quality outdoor enclosures since 1958. With a strong focus on quality and reliability, Staka has built up a loyal clientele over the years. Our clients are active in a great variety of branches. By further extending knowledge and insight on a continual basis, we can offer innovative and practical solutions that fully satisfy changing needs.

Our enclosures offer a solid and safe housing for all kinds of equipment, and this makes them indispensable for the proper functioning of infrastructure, power networks, and water management. These days, it’s almost impossible to imagine a street or landscape without one of our enclosures.

Staka gives clients high reliability of supply and excellent price/quality ratios for the standard product range as well as all custom products.

Innovation is one of our biggest strengths. We think ahead and love to serve as an advisory partner to our customers. To do that, we actively move with their changing needs and situations. Staka’s highest priority is open and transparent dialogue between customers, suppliers, and personnel.

During the production process, we leave nothing to chance. Our employees are passionate about their work and never stop striving for better quality. Our products meet the highest standards in climate proofing and vandalism-proofing. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the best of the best.

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