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STC Trade is a company that focuses on sustainable innovations such as plastic seawater filters for the shipbuilding and maritime industry. We offer an alternative to the usual corrosive metal filters.

Their solution is high-density polyethene (HDPE) filters and fibre-glass reinforced plastic castings. The high-density polyethene HDPE filters created by STC Trade are moulded from a naturally tough and resistant material that can withstand corrosion by seawater and external influences. This means that their lifespan is unlimited and as a result, the cost of ownership is much lower. Another benefit of the filters is their design – their lightweight feature enables them to be lifted out of the inlet strainer and cleaned easily by one person. The filters have been developed under the brand name Perfoplast™.

Based in the Netherlands, STC Trade successfully introduced the HDPE filters in the Dutch superyacht industry in 2009 and has been the preferred supplier to many leading Dutch superyacht builders since. Over 1000 filters are onboard various superyachts around the world, including the new plastic filters for bilge water.

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