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U-F-M | Ultrasonic Flow Management

“We measure flow.” That is the shortest description for what we do at U-F-M. We sell, rent and install ultrasonic flowmeters; instruments for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gases in tubes, pipes and tanks. We like to use the word ‘flow’ often. And also ‘ultrasonic”, the principle our measuring method is based upon.

Whether it concerns waste water, drinking water, leak detection, open sewer or a closed pipe, with an ultrasonic flowmeter you will obtain reliable results quickly and easily. The external mounting of clamp-on sensors makes this method an interesting alternative to in-line flow measuring.

• monitoring water distribution, balance and output
• leak detection and detection of unknown connections
• monitoring waste water; treatment and reuse
• checking valves, non-return valves etc.
• consumption measurements of irrigation system
• indication of flow direction
• detection of low flow rates

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