Process Simulation Engineer


• Develop and optimize simulation products and services.
• Executing projects using the simulation tool, such as an Energy and performance scan for drinking water pumping stations or designing heat networks and developing new concepts.
• Also larger simulation projects for power plants belong to future projects.
• By developing the simulation services in the sense of cloud solutions, VR and AR applications.
• Thinking along in user interface and user experience implementation of optimizations.
• However, we start that you get to know our self-developed package so you can let your knowledge and experience loose on the world through PsxCad in the basics.

• Customer-focused thinking combined with an ambition to find solutions
• Own initiative to help develop the department as a whole.
• Process experience and insight
• Mechanical engineering experience of installations
• Strong affinity with control and software
• Physical insight
• Communicative skills
• Team player






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