AFVALWATER – FLOTTWEG introduces the NATICA separator


AFVALWATER – FLOTTWEG introduces the NATICA separator

The NATICA , how does it work?

AquaHD developed the Natica, a hydrodynamic separator that is a far ahead of conventional solid-state separation processes.

The NATICA creates centrifugal hydrodynamic forces to separate particles under low pressure (1 bar). In the NATICA, water flows through a special ‘snail house’ structure. The passage of water in this structure creates high centrifugal forces (6 to 8 G) under low pressure.

The unique geometry and flow patterns of the liquid in the NATICA ensure the formation of laminar flow and an effective separation of solids and water. Due to the high centrifugal forces, particles will be concentrated in the outer circumference of the separator.

The outlet structure separates the stream of solid particles and the stream of clean water. The concentrated amount of sludge from the NATICA can then be further dewatered with a Flottweg Sedicanter or Xelletor Decanter.




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