BakerCorp also delivers fluid treatment solutions


One of our latest treatment solutions is the unique Lamella Filter Tank. It dramatically reduces treatment time resulting in optimised on-site waste streams and reduced external disposal costs. During a recent project, BakerCorp installed a temporary bypass solution which enabled our customer to continue production throughout the essential maintenance of their existing oil/water separator. This resulted in significant cost savings, reduced footprint and shorter handling time.

The Lamella Filter Tank is such an effective solution due to its ability to remove large amounts of fast and slow-separating pollutants from aqueous streams. Take a look at this animation to learn more about how the Lamella Filter Tank works.

Our filtration equipment is being continuously developed according to the highest industrial standards and designed with safety, versatility and ease-of-use in mind. The Lamella Filter Tank itself is constructed from stainless steel for high resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Click here for the datasheet which provides a full overview of its features and capabilities.

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