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Aquastill was founded in 2008 and designs and builds water purification plants that are used worldwide, such as in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the United States, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and the Czech Republic. They are one of the few companies in the world applying membrane distillation on a commercial scale. Aquastill’s technology is a unique concept. It combines natural processes, advanced materials and state-​of-the-art production techniques to provide a low-cost solution for one of the world’s greatest needs: clean water.

The treatment plants are used, for example, to distil salt water and turn it into purified water. Aquastill’s unique water treatment plant offers solutions for desalination, the food and beverage industry, the chemical industry, the oil and gas industry, mobile desalination (eg on ships), and the agricultural sector. The plants can also be successfully combined with solar energy.

Since 2013, Aquastill has been using miniature float switches from elobau. “A small application that we are very happy with,” says Paul – project manager at Aquastill.

“As Aquastill we are in membrane distillation, which is a relatively small industry,” says Niels – R & D Engineer at Aquastill. Membrane distillation is when water is distilled by means of a membrane that vapour molecules are allowed to pass through. These vapour molecules are then collected and allowed to condense. The pure distillate can then be collected. Using this process, distilled water can be made from salt water, and with the addition of minerals and a little salt, it becomes suitable for human consumption. Aquastill also works on other applications, but the main focus is on desalination.

There are multiple processes to be monitored in membrane distillation, and float switches are required for this.
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