Energy Factory West | Waterschap Rivierenland


Energy Factory West | Waterschap Rivierenland

In order to purify waste water more efficiently and sustainable, RWB has expanded and renovated the municipal waste water treatment plant in Sleeuwijk on behalf of Waterboard Rivierenland.

This increased capacity (more volume of sewage sludge) offers opportunities for a sludge digester and the generation of biogas. This biogas can be upgraded to natural gas and fed back into the grid. In addition to the production of “green energy”, the volume of sewage sludge will be reduced by approximately half (less waste).

The new Energy Factory West will be built to make an important contribution to the water board’s objective of generating approximately 40% of the energy used sustainably by 2020.

Commissioned by Pannekoek GWW, RWB is building the mechanical installation of the Energy Factory. IV-water made the design using Royal HaskoningDHV’s Ephyra® digester technology.

After the design phase the realisation started in mid-2019.

Energiefabriek West comprises the main lines:

– Sludge collection station with unloading pumps and storage silos
– Ephyra® reactor
– Post-digester
– Fermented sludge buffer
– Sludge dewatering by centrifuges
– Dewatered sludge storage and sludge offloading
– Balloon gas holder and gas flare
– Biogas upgrading plant
– Heating boilers
– Partial flow treatment for N-removal
– Sludge circulation pumps with heat exchangers
– Various pump phases incl. piping and fittings



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