Flexim 30 years of innovation!


Flexim has been producing and selling ultrasonic clamp-on flow measurements since 1990, which is why we call ourselves the technology leader in clamp-on measurements.
In 2001 we introduced our first portable flow measurement, the ADM6725.

This year is our 30 year anniversary and to celebrate this you can exchange your current ADM6725 for our newest G601 ST
The G601 ST can measure liquid, gas and steam. (Saturated steam up to 180 ° C) The sensors of the ADM6725 can be used in combination with the G601 ST without any problems.
When you trade in your ADM6725 for a G 601 ST is still €. Worth 2,400.00!

Are you in possession of a new (er) F601 or G601? Then stop by our booth for a special trade-in offer.

Our trade-in promotion is valid from March 17 and ends December 31, 2020






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