Flexim VS Fake News!


In recent weeks we regularly hear from customers that a competitor is trying to put us in the news in a negative way. We see it as a compliment. Fortunately the facts are different.
• Founded in 1990 and to this day in the hands of the founders
• 2000: the first certification of the company acc. DIN ISO 9001
• 2004: the introduction of the Wave injector which makes measuring
from -190 ° C to 650 ° C possible
• 2005: The world’s first ATEX clamp-on measurement
• 2010: certified for the entire Airbus A3XX series
• 2011: ATEX, SIL and FM certified
• 2018: DNV GL approved
• 2019: The world’s first clamp-on steam flow measurement
Looking at the above list, it is not for nothing that we call ourselves technology leader in the field of clamp-on technology.
From this point of view we see it as a compliment that there are competitors who do their best to put us in a bad light. We are simply the best. Remember that when you have to speak badly about your competitors, this probably says more about your own products than about the products you bring down.
Why choose Flexim?
In addition to the impressive list of achievements, we offer an application guarantee at Flexim.
This means that as soon as we receive the order, the solution is checked again. First by a service engineer at our office in Berkel and Rodenrijs and then before production starts by a colleague in Berlin. If you or us have doubts about the feasibility of the application, we will come and take a test measurement for free. If it turns out that despite all due care, the delivered solution does not meet your wishes, we will remove it free of charge and the entire purchase amount will be credited. We promise!
Curious about the real truth about Flexim? Come by during Aqua for a no-obligation conversation, a demonstration measurement on location or one of the many references from our satisfied customers.






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