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Flottweg container, new design for mobile sludge dewatering
Flottweg Nederland BV

Flottweg container, new design for mobile sludge dewatering

For the past three years Flottweg "plug and play"containers have provided a flexible alternative to our permanently installed systems. Now they are available to our customers in a new design.



Tailor-made container solution – easily adapted to the requirements of the wastewater treatment plant at your site

The mobile sludge dewatering system is a “Plug & Play” system; connect and start dewatering.

The interior lining, container floor, piping and decanter are all made of high quality stainless steel, giving the individual components extra longevity and ensuring continuity.

These systems are available for rent so that our customers can test them and be sure that they meet or exceed their expectations. You can also test our mobile sludge dewatering system on site as a rental.


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