Friesland Campina water-reuse


Friesland Campina water-reuse

RWB has built an installation for FrieslandCampina with which condensate water can be reused.

With the Waterballet project, FrieslandCampina Borculo wants to reduce the use of water. Large quantities of condensate water (30-50 m³ per hour) are currently used as cooling water and ultimately discharged into the clean water sewer and river Berkel.

With the construction of the purification plant designed by RWB, the condensate water can be upgraded to demineralised water, making it suitable for reuse.

The project has been carried out by RWB on a turn-key basis and includes the mechanical engineering as well as the E&I and PA activities.

The installation consists mainly of:

> Biofilters; the removal of COD and the conversion of ammonium into nitrate (NO3-).

> Ceramic microfiltration; bacteriological purification and the removal of biomass released from the filter.

> Reverse osmosis; the removal of dissolved salts and minerals.




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