Introduction of OMYA OPTICAL® in The Netherlands


Omya Optical®
Naturally enhanced Activated Sludge Process

Omya Optical® supports the role microorganisms have in the activated sludge process to convert dissolved and particulate organic matter (measured as biochemical oxygen demand, BOD), into cell mass.

Omya Optical® improves the formation of flocs in the activated sludge process and provides for better floc settling, improved sludge index and sludge blanket as well as improved sludge dewatering properties.

Omya Optical® enhances the growth of nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria thereby also reducing the risk of filamentous bacteria growth (foaming sludge).

Biological and chemical reactions affect the pH and where Omya Optical® establishes a stable pH usually between 7.0 – 8.5 as well as providing for the required buffer capacity to avoid drastic pH changes consequently allowing for a stable microorganism growth and survival.


Stable pH – no overdosing, high buffering capacity
Improved floc settling performance
Reduced floating and bulking sludge
Enhanced Bacteria growth
Improved sludge dewatering



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