Jotem Water Treatment launches a new version of its Watermiracle+


The Watermiracle is already a proven concept. For many years it has been providing safe drinking water in rural areas all over the world. Many times, it was deployed after earthquakes, floods and other disasters, to prevent common diseases as cholera and diarrhea. As a result, Jotem Water Treatment re-engineered and produced the next generation of its Watermiracle: the Watermiracle+. Its smart control recognizes dirty water and regulates the flux or executes an automatic backwash, to prevent the pre-filter and membranes from clogging. The system can run at a fixed flowrate or at a fixed transmembrane pressure set-point. This is essential to make it a reliable and robust solution worldwide. Due to its proven reliability, the industry has also embraced the Watermiracle+. Wherever clear and bacteria-free water is needed, the Watermiracle+ is the ideal solution.

From 2020 and onwards, the Watermiracle+ of Jotem can be equipped with several new add-ons. Jotem Water Treatment is proud of its latest developments, since these extra options will make a substantial difference. The expectation is that these add-ons will reduce labour as well as the energy consumption. Complementary to this, this will ensure quality control.

The first add-on consists of Remote Control through a 3G or 4G modem. The Watermiracle+ was already equipped with a manual chemical enhanced backwash. However, an automatic Chemical Enhanced Backwash is also available from 2020 and onwards. Finally, the AIT (Air integrity test) is another add-on of the Watermiracle+.

The new add-ons will ensure that the Watermiracle+ lives up to its name even more: Smart Modular Water Purification.



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