Lubrafil filtration solution crucial for waste heat recovery applications


Swimming pool Aarweide in Nieuwveen has recently been heated with effluent heat. With the fairly new technology “riothermie” (energy from waste water, in short TEA), the swimming water is heated without gas with heat from treated waste water. This heat is generated during the waste water treatment process at the nearby AWZI Nieuwveen. Swimming pool Aarweide is one of the first swimming pools in the Netherlands to be heated with effluent heat.

Lubrafil supplied the filter installation to the Aarweide swimming pool for this process. In two steps, the effluent water is sufficiently cleaned to protect the heat exchangers. The installation supplied by Lubrafil consists of Boll & Kirch pre-filter type 1.03, a Boll & Kirch self-cleaning automatic filter type 6.18, a booster pump with flow measurement and the fully electric control including switch box. This control communicates with the required heat pumps.

As a filtration specialist, Lubrafil is now involved in various projects where waste heat from effluent (TEA / riothermie) is used to heat a swimming pool or even an industrial area. Our filter solutions play a crucial role in this.






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