Ro.Pa.Tec Technische Reiniging B.V. introduces patented ROLAPAC Floating Layer Removal


Soon after the Scheveningen sewage pumping station came into use, the management of the pump cellar turned out to be a major challenge. The sewage pumping station regularly appears to get stuck because of things that do not belong in the sewer. These fats and wipes cake together in such a way that a “floating fat layer” is created. During a maintenance shutdown, the sewage pumping station is thoroughly professionally cleaned over several working days. This work can only be performed during dry periods because the water must be stored in the sewer systems and this capacity is limited. Rainfall during a planned maintenance shutdown regularly causes maintenance activities to be relocated, resulting in rescheduling, applying for a permit and aligning various parties. Up to 17 tons of waste can be removed during a stop. This waste is then transported by means of the vacuum trucks to waste incineration plants; all in all, a C0² intensive job. It is therefore a time-consuming, unsustainable and very expensive process that has to be repeated several times a year. The shutdown of the Scheveningen sewage pumping station increases to 5 times per calendar year. The ROLAPAC strongly reduces the accumulation of “the fat layer”. In summary, in a successful pilot with Delfluent Services, the ROLAPAC Floating Layer Remover has led to five advantages: significant savings are made on the management costs (especially cleaning costs) of the sewage pumping station. The solution contributes to the sustainability label; the waste can be removed by means of fewer vehicle movements and therefore lower CO2 emissions. Because more fats are transported to a wastewater treatment plant which is equipped with a biogas plant, the production of biogas is higher. There is also less inconvenience for local residents due to fewer maintenance stops and people are less dependent on the weather conditions, which can throw a spanner in the works during a maintenance stop.



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