Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters, the Do’s and Don’ts


Flexim has been developing and producing ultrasonic clamp-on systems since 1990. Not for nothing that we call ourselves technology leader. During the sales and service process we often come up against standard questions, how accurate is a clamp-on measurement, what about calibration certificates and which coupling paste, does it really need to be refreshed every year?

With this article we hope to provide more clarity.

Q- Is regular maintenance on a flow meter required?
A- Many manufacturers indicate that this is not necessary, since there are no moving parts in the measurement. But just like a television or the screen on which you read this article, everything will be defective. Our advice, at least have the electronics checked periodically so that you are assured of a reliable measurement.

Q- Do ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters have a calibration certificate?
A- Yes of course! It is often said that this is not necessary or even not possible, since you cannot include the pipeline used in the calibration process. However, at Flexim we believe that it is indeed important to calibrate the instruments, as this provides a certain degree of certainty. Flexim delivers an extensive calibration certificate as standard and at no extra cost.

Q- Do flow meters need to be calibrated for each specific tube?
A- Based on various parameters, it is possible to display the accuracy of the system. This happens as standard during commissioning, afterwards you will receive a digital report.

Q- Does acoustic coupling paste need to be replaced regularly?
A- Coupling paste is for temporary measurements, period. The advantage of a clamp-on measurement disappears if you have to dismantle everything every few months, which is why we only use the paste for temporary measurements. If it concerns a permanent set-up, we use our wear-resistant coupling pads.

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