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YP Your Partner and NTP Bodemsaneringen have been working together for more than twenty years. In that time, more than 200 remediation projects were reviewed. YP and NTP, for example, with branches in Hattem, Enschede and Zevenaar, became fully aligned.

The one-two
The many years of collaboration have major advantages, says Gerard Borggreve of NTP. He is an in-situ remediation manager (soil cleaning without earthmoving). “” At a certain point it became a one-two. We only need to provide a flow diagram and at that moment YP knows how to translate into the program. That is the profit for us. ”

Our own service engineer Pieter Haantjes also indicates that the fine cooperation is bearing fruit. Pieter joined YP in 1997 and has been involved in many NTP projects from the very beginning. “” The power of YP is really in the basic knowledge we have about water treatment plants. NTP provides us with all data in a flow chart and a bill of material. Then we already know what we can do with it in 90 percent of the cases. ”

Remote control
In the years of cooperation, mainly the control has changed. “” We have switched from PLC to PC control and the measurement records have been expanded enormously. Previously we had to make changes on location. Nowadays this can all be done remotely. ”

Pieter has weekly contact with service technicians of NTP about adjustments and extensions for their specific C.A.R.S. installations. Watch the video below where we demonstrate the pleasant collaboration with NTP Soil remediation in practice.



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