Why use PE for pump sump or inspection well?


Damage to concrete

The sewer always contains gases, vapors and liquids. One of those gases is H2S (sulfur watersof), which is recognizable by the smell of rotten eggs. Under the influence of bacteria, H2S in the sewer system can be converted into sulfuric acid. This acid has destructive consequences for the concrete in the sewer system. Consequences are leaks where waste water enters the ground or groundwater enters the sewer. In both cases a very undesirable situation.

Insensitive to most acids

PE is insensitive to most acids. A pump pit or inspection pit made of PE is therefore much more durable, more reliable and also requires much less maintenance. Because PE wells will not leak due to corrosion, they are much better for the environment. In addition, PE is a plastic that is excellent for recycling and is therefore reusable.

Flexible in customization

Because PE is easy to process, we are very flexible in customization. This is very useful when placing the connections and making other dimensions. Especially in the case of a convex bottom pit.
Our certified welders deliver quality products made from parts with KOMO approval. If it has to be larger than the maximum diameter 1000 mm that characterizes the convex bottom well, we can switch to our winding tube well. This winding tube well can be made up to a diameter of 3500 mm. The possibilities in variation are almost limitless. Because these wells are round, they are very resistant to soil and water pressure. Municipalities, contractors and suppliers of pumps are among our regular customers.

Curious about our options? Call our experts (Tel: 075 631 4841) or ask your question via the online contact form.




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