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Huba Control AG
Celebrating 75 years 1945 – 2020

Huba Control AG in Würenlos, aroused from Jakob Huber & Co., founded on 26th April 1945 in Ennetbaden. Its name arises from the founder’s name, Jakob Huber, (Huba- Huber Baden). Huba Control AG ran a wide product programme until 1989. The management buy-out of the programmes valve technique and sanitary technique was a result of the strategic decision to concentrate on pressure measuring technique at that point. Nowadays many millions of pressure switches and pressure transmitter made by Huba Control are used in a wide variety of applications worldwide. In many sectors Huba Control is classified as market leader. To be able to keep and expand this strong position we continuously invest on development and technology. In the past 20 years we were able to double the number of employees from 130 to 325 persons. Herewith Huba Control AG is one of the largest manufacturing employers in the region Limmattal.

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