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During Aqua Nederland Trade Fair 2022, JUMO will show you the latest developments in the field of watertreatment.
Every application requires a different use of water. For example rinsing water, cooling water, process water and drinking water. During the course of production processes in various applications, all kinds of measurement variables are measured. Years of experience means that JUMO has the right sensors and automation solutions in the field of pH, EC, temperature, pressure, level and flow.

Because digital technology is rapidly gaining ground in the water sector, you will find the latest digital technology at our booth (networks are getting bigger, sensors are getting smarter). Digital sensors are better able to measure and interpret different process data than their analogue predecessors and offer new possibilities to improve production processes, save energy and further prevent down times.

Process data is increasingly stored in the Cloud environment in which MQTT, OPC, UA and SQL play an important role. In addition to digital sensor technology, we will be introducing our newest automation platform at Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs next spring.

With JUMO JUPITER, JUMO contributes to a higher degree of automation. This new automation hardware and software platform provides a high degree of programming freedom and scalability in a simple way. During Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs 2022 we will be happy to adjust everything about it!

We look forward to meeting you.

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