ABB Digital pH measurement technology with EZ-Link for online pH measurement and intelligent pH sensors


With our new ABB digital pH sensors, the calibration data is processed in the sensors before it is placed in the process. the pH sensor is continuously monitored in the process for various parameters, so that the quality of the measurement is guaranteed. it can also be predicted almost to the day when the pH sensor must be replaced. A unique design with a very large Teflon surface for the reference system, and a double junction reference shield extends the life of the sensor. The corresponding transmitters are available with both 2 and 4 wire technology and also in Atex version. The EZ transmitters are also suitable for turbidity, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements. With the introduction of the new digital pH EZ-link sensors, a completely new storage liquid has also been developed. the pH sensors can now be in stock for up to two years without losing quality.




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