ACQ580 – drives for water and wastewater


Secure energy efficient flow of water and wastewater in your pumping solution.

The all-compatible ACQ580 drives for water and wastewater simplify your pumping processes and motor control while ensuring effortless energy efficiency. This robust and compact wall-mounted, drive module and cabinet-built drive has built-in pump application functionalities such as sensorless flow calculation, multipump control, level control, soft pipe fill, dry run protection, quick ramps and a solution for keeping the impeller of the pump clean. Usability is enhanced with the intuitive Hand-Off-Auto control panel and the PC tool Drive composer. The built-in energy calculator visualizes the energy savings achieved with the usage of the drive. The drive controls virtually any kind of motor including an IE4 synchronous reluctance motor. Connectivity is supported by a wide range of fieldbus protocols. The drive also offers an ultra-low harmonic variant ensuring stable and smooth power network during water treatment and operation.



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