AquaproteQ Katekeeper


The AquaproteQ is specially designed for direct installation in the water supply network directly behind the water meter. The system filters bacteria, such as the legionella bacteria, but also viruses from the supplied water.

The AquaproteQ filters the supplied water based on ultrafiltration. The system is delivered “ready to use”. The water supply and drainage of the installation are connected to the mains network. The drain lines are connected to the sewer with an open connection. The installation can then be started up by inserting the plug into the wall socket.

The system includes an intelligent controller for checking the integrity and controlling the automatic rinsing functions. This means you are always assured of reliable protection against Legionella.

The AquaproteQ is a compact plug and play filter system and features an automatic integrity test and a double rinse function. The various functionalities are controlled and logged using a PLC control system. The PLC also offers the possibility to link input to a GSM modem or a local system.



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