Aquarel® products, developed in Germany, are highly effective mixtures of special poly-aluminium compounds with organic and inorganic additives. In urban and industrial wastewater purification they are used for process and activated sludge optimization and are also used as precipitation/flocculating agent in physical/chemical purification systems and for phosphate removal.

The composition of the Aquarel products is adapted to the relevant application, providing a customized product with maximum efficiency.

Aquarel system products have a highly positive influence on the biological sludge in the treatment plant and on the overall performance of the treatment system (floc structure, aggregation and sedimentation properties, purification yields, lower level of sludge production, etc.). Especially the growth of filamentous bacteria (including Microthrix Parvicella, Nocardia and other Actinomycetes …) and the negative effects of these filaments (bulking, floating sludge, foaming, sludge and suspension loss) is effectively reduced by Aquarel use. In addition, the products are used as an effective coagulation/flocculation agent for phosphate removal and COD reduction. The Aquarel products have a small influence on the acid capacity and result in improved sludge dewatering, which means less sludge has to be removed.

Aquarel system products are therefore also suitable for the most difficult applications and problems and for maximum optimization of the treatment system.

Aquarel system products are easy to handle and are also reliable at low temperatures. They are prepared exclusively from pure raw materials. There is therefore no input of pollutants into the sewage sludge.



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