Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Unit Sigma Pro


The Sigma Pro is a polymeric multi-screen automatic self-cleaning filter. The automatic self-cleaning filter consists of five filter screens, creating a large filter surface of up to 0.8 m2, but the filter remains compact. The filter can achieve high filter flows with a small footprint. The housing and internal parts are made of Polymer, making it completely corrosion-resistant, durable and reliable and resistant to chlorine and other chemical contaminants. Cleaning is done automatically with the well-known nozzle technology, the number of cleanings is greatly reduced as a result, it only cleans if necessary. Less water is used during cleaning and the filtering process continues as normal. To keep energy consumption as low as possible, the Sigma is powered by an advanced single hydraulic turbine and smart equipment (smart gear ) The Sigma works with a minimum pressure of 1.5 bar (22 psi) (with electric controller) and 2.2 bar (32 psi) (with a hydraulic controller).
The installation, maintenance and operation of the Sigma is simple and inexpensive. The ADI-P electronic controller can be linked to a mobile app, which offers advanced monitoring options and control functionality. It is a lightweight filter, compact and modular to build with different installation configurations 0, 90 and 180 degrees






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