” BWM2010-01” en ” BWM2005-01” plate aerator


An aeration system for biological purification that combines exceptionally high oxygen input-efficiency with a long service life. During the past 25 years Bosman Watermanagement has worked on the development of this system. To achieve this, we use alternative materials and apply special production techniques.

Ideal use:
We have already installed more than 70,000 plate aerators in more than 2000 purification plants. Traditional pipe and plate aerator membranes are manufactured from EPDM rubber. After four to five years, the plasticisers in these membranes cause the membranes to age, which reduces performance. The special plastic of the plate aerators can function satisfactorily for a long time. The service life of plate aerators depends on a large number of operating conditions and varies per installation. There are sufficient references to projects in which the plate aerators have been in operation for more than twenty years.
With these plate aerators we can achieve very high oxygen input yields. In order to calculate the most important process data, Bosman Watermanagement has developed a dimensioning programme especially for the plate aerators.



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