CCL300 is a premium product, which was especially designed for clients that have climate adaption high on their agenda. It is a sustainable and circular paving alternative that comes complete with an integrated rainwater drainage system. As a result, clients can even dispense with a dedicated storm sewer – with the associated connections and storm drains – altogether, whether the project concerns a new area development or reconstruction.

CCL300 has an integrated water filter system that collects and purifies the rainwater, after which it can gradually infiltrate in the local subsoil. This filter system enables CCL300 to capture and collect all sorts of grime originating from passing vehicles before it ends up on the road verge. In addition, the inclusion of this filter system allows us to guarantee the infiltration functionality throughout the product’s useful service life, without the need for an overflow to an existing sewer system.

As a standard feature, CCL300 includes SMART sensors that simplify management and maintenance even further. The sensors allow you to digitally monitor the local status of your road surface and water drainage system. In effect, your road communicates with you, indicating when it is time to schedule new maintenance. This is CCL300, the new generation of sustainable infrastructure.



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