Within the industrial sector, a wide range of fluids have to be stored. Depending on the fluid (such as chemicals, processing fluids or wastewater), the tank in which the fluids are stored may have a variety of functions. For example, we distinguish between buffer tanks, dosing tanks, mixing tanks or day tanks.

With regard to storage, Mosman provides the entire engineering process, including advice, drawings, calculations and required certifications.

The choice of materials is dependent on function, resistance and application. This applies to both thermoplastic tanks (HDPE, PP, PVC and PVDF) and thermosetting tanks (fibreglass-reinforced plastic, with or without lining).

Special systems are required for the safe storage, transport and dosing of chemicals. Mosman supplies these systems in accordance with the applicable BRL-K903 regulations. This means that an installation certificate must be issued for the chemical installation. Mosman is BRL-K903 certified and is therefore authorised to issue the definitive installation certificate under its own management.

Mosman’s engineers have many years’ experience working with this type of installation. They have all been trained to use the very latest technology and to comply with all applicable guidelines and regulations.



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