Concrete Silo


Composed of prefab elements from A-Consult and firmly assembled, a concrete silo provides extra storage capacity. Height of the silo can vary from 3 m. to 12 m. Sealing between the elements by means of EPDM (a patented system) The capacity is variable, because not everyone wants a silo of 25,000 m3. After proper consultation, the concrete silo will be sacrificed to suit your company’s needs. One of the advantages of a concrete silo is that it can be placed partly in the ground, so that it does not tower high above everything else. A second advantage is that it is a very sturdy and durable system.

Certified: not only do we lay a solid reinforced concrete base and ensure that the walls are tight so that nothing can escape, you also get full Kiwa Komo certification on the silo. Our 30 years of experience, taking care of the materials and construction, contribute to the years of pleasure our customers have from their silo. Of course, floats, tension caps or other silos and basins are also available. Completely according to your wishes, because we are not a standard company. Together with the customer, we look for the best option and then realise it.






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