Dutair turbo blowers. Turn-key modules from 7,5 up to 600 kW the most wide product range of turboblowers. With a flow rate from 140 to 29.000 Nm3/h and a pressure range form 200 to 4.000 mbar.


Turn-key Dutair Turbo Blower
Our latest high efficiency blower is the Dutair Turbo Blower. The wire-to-air efficiency of the Dutair Turbo Blowers is revolutionary compared to the conventional blowers and pumps used for water treatment. Large energy savings are possible due to turbo technology, permanent magnet motor, hydrodynamic air foil bearings and air-cooling. We supply turnkey models starting at 7,5kW up to 600kW and a maximum pressure class of 4.000 mbar.




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